Weave a Real Peace (WARP)

The WARP website weavearealpeace.org, offers the following information on their organization.

WARP began in 1992 when Deborah Chandler, author of Learning to Weave, contacted friends in the United States who were working with-or had an interest in working with-weavers and dyers in developing countries.

The mission of WARP it to foster a global network of enthusiasts who value the importance of textiles to grassroots economies.

WARP provides networking opportunities to individuals and organizations working directly with community groups. It has grown to include all textile disciplines, including basketmaking, knitting, crochet, jewelry making, sewing, and many other craft media techniques. In addition to linking members working in developing countries, WARP enables those who cannot work globally to become involved in supporting textile artisans worldwide and right in their own backyards.

On the WARP website you will find interesting articles on their blog about a wide range of topics such as, Navajo-Churro Sheep and their Wool, The National Weavers Movement of Guatemala, Books by WARP Authors, and information about artisans around the world.

WARP has a You Tube channel with stories of textile traditions and projects underway to preserve cultural traditions as well as promoting economic development. The website also provides an Artisan Textile Resource Guide to help support individual textile artisans and fair trade organizations.