The Weavers of  Char-Lee maintains a library of a variety of books on weaving and related crafts. Books are available for members to check out. 


One of the purposes of the Weavers of Char-Lee is to promote the sharing of fiber arts knowledge among its members. In addition to informational programs at the monthly guild,  meetings and annual workshops, the Weavers of Char-Lee guild offer two (2) scholarships yearly. In no case are scholarships to exceed $300, but they may be in varying amounts up to $300.


Each winter the Char-Lee Weavers invites a teacher of national note to give a workshop for members. The  workshop scheduled for February 14-16, 2023 by Deborah Silver on split-shed weaving has been rescheduleld for February 13-15, 2024.

Join the Weavers of Char-Lee

Annual Membership: $15

Make checks payable to Weavers of Char-Lee and send to:

Marsha O’Donnell, Treasurer

17195 Wayzata Court, Fort Myers, FL 33917