Weavers in the Community

Susan Hedge and Rose Young won Individual Artist awards from the city of Fort Myers.
Susan’s community weaving project at the Alliance for the Arts starts in December and goes
through Roc Day, Jan. 8, 2022. Weavers are encouraged to share their knowledge with visitors
on several large (8 ft. x 4 ft.) bamboo journey looms joined with weft passing from one loom to
another. Marci Mills is making the looms, which will be moved around the city.
Rose will be creating traveling community weaving shows, currently on display in Roberto
Clemente Park on Martin Luther King Blvd. and traveling to other locations around Fort Myers.
Watch for “Turf Wars” installation outdoors on the corner of Fowler and 1st Street at the
Langford House. Step inside this historical home for more of Rose and Marci’s work during the
month-long exhibit for November